Dec 172015

The concept of buy to let mortgages has been something that became very popular during the 1990s and the early 2000s when the property market in the United Kingdom was rising steadily, almost on a month by month basis. Such mortgages are specifically designed for the buy to let market. These Mortgage for First Time Buyers tend to be taken up mainly by amateur and professional landlords.

The idea of buy to let mortgages is that a person with some disposable income takes on a mortgage and then rents out the property to tenants. People who enter into this kind of financial transaction hope to make money by doing so. Often the landlord will get the assistance of a letting agent who will help with the whole process of finding tenants for the property and dealing with the management of the tenants.

People who go into buy to let mortgages hope that the value of their property rises over time. In good economic times the landlord may be able to increase the rent of their property. The best time to do this is often when a tenant moves out. The landlord can then consider charging more rent to a new tenant when the economy is in good shape. A good economy will mean that there is more money available for people to earn, and that landlords can charge more rent to tenants of residential properties. There are tax advantages to landlords who enter into such mortgages that work on a buy to let basis.

Buy to let mortgages can be a good idea in a good economy when there is less chance of tenants being unable to pay the rent. This will mean that residential landlords get regular rental payments over time. In a good economy the value of the residential property will go up over time as well. This will mean that if the landlord sells the property some years later after house prices have risen steadily, then there is a good chance that the landlord will make a profit.

Buy to let mortgages are of course very popular when mortgages are readily available. A ready supply of mortgages often happens when the property market and the stock market are rising, and when the financial system is in good health. Lenders offer mortgages for buy to let landlords in different ways. Some lenders base the amount that they will lend on the landlord’s salary and their existing financial commitments.

One of the drawbacks of Mortgage for First Time Buyers is the amount of property maintenance that may be needed. This maintenance expenditure could be hundreds or even thousands of pounds over a year. This is the kind of money that may be needed to be spent on the upkeep of the rental property. Such expenditure may erode the profit that is made from the rent received from the tenants. Another drawback is void periods, these are the periods of time when there are no tenants in the property and therefore no rent is being received by the landlord.

Nov 262015

 Are you currently about to purchase your first home? If that’s the case, then this post is to suit your needs. The process of having a home for the first may be both a fantastic and daunting affair. Herein, we are going to take you through what first-time buying entails as well as some in the reasons why you ought to work with us initially Credit.

Mortgaging involves acquiring a house loan against a house. You might be lent money by the lender to purchase a building and you then be able to repay the mortgage over a period of time you and your lender agree on. At, we give you all the details you must know about just before into a mortgage deal. 

Despite the fact that finding the best mortgage deal could be bewildering, dealing with us is likely to make the method smoother. There are several factors you simply must take a look at when selecting the best mortgage deal to leap into. These include how much money you want to borrow, the deposit amount you have, plus the amount you’ll be able to comfortably raise for the repayments. As soon as you opt to handle us, because of our access to everything banks offer in addition to their criteria, we gives you sound advice where mortgage deal is the best.

You will also need to have in mind the different types of mortgage products you’ll find from the property market. In Ireland for instance, there exists a vast array of mortgage products which include: fixed interest rate mortgages, variable rate mortgages, tracker mortgages, capped rate mortgages, collared mortgages, cash-back mortgages, and offset mortgages. Each one of these mortgage product types have different intentions of the amounts you are able to borrow, the interests, along with the amounts and methods of repayment. 

We are going to also offer the most efficient information on what payment options you will have to select. Generally, depending on what mortgage product you’ve opted to choose as First Time Buyers, as well as the current financial circumstances you might be sailing through, the next are the ways you can use to repay the mortgage you obtain into:

~ Repayment of capital and interest.

~ Full repayment. This one lets you repay the borrowed funds amount entirely along with time.

~ Interest-only repayment. That one gives you less work out payments as payable over interest alone. However, your completion of the eye repayment will still give you an account balance in the initial amount you borrowed, and you must therefore find a method of settling that balance.

~ Part and part mortgage repayment. This method of repayment will help you repay the main interest and the main initial loan concurrently on a monthly basis. 

You’ll ought to consider what type of insurance you will want to have for your home. You will find three major types of insurance policies you need to select from:

~ Building only insurance.

~ Contents insurance.

~ Building and contents insurance.

Having covered your home or property, you want to get yourself a mortgage related cover. This can sort you at occasions if you cannot boost the required monthly repayment. A number of the covers offered with this category are: critical illness cover, insurance coverage and income protection.

You have often seen that receiving a home initially may be a lengthy and involving process. In The Beginning Credit, we can carry out the hard work for you. Everything you should do us call us and we’ll streamline the entire process for you.

Nov 162015

In case you are seeking in a new mortgage plan instead of the old mortgage plan, then you’re refinance your mortgage. There are lots of reasons that make it logical to change in a new mortgage from your current mortgage. 

Change is constant regardless of scenario being considered. Within the mortgage space, changes happen. These changes might be with a personal level or may be due to reasons outside your control. As an example, interest levels may collapse or increase, your credit history may improve and warrant you eligibility for a mortgage with lower rates, otherwise you may just want to alter your lender.

Whatever your reasons are, there comes a point when refinancing your mortgage becomes inevitable. Should anyone ever find yourself in those shoes, worry not. At First Credit, we’re to put you. Our company offers the financial solutions you’ll need at the very inexpensive fee.

Much like getting yourself into home financing plan initially, refinancing your mortgage can be very involving. And also involving, there’s also several risks linked to refinancing your mortgage.

The number one risk there is certainly whenever you opt to go for refinancing a mortgage is the possibilities of incurring penalties. This usually also comes in due to your opting to spend down your present mortgage. For that reason, First Credit provides you with our recommendation to attenuate the quantity of penalty you incur as a result of your mortgage refinancing.

When you’ve got opted to refinance, who will you refinance your mortgage with? While you may opt to get it done together with your current lender, opting to work with another lender can be an alternative. However, when you inform your lender that you like to refinance by incorporating other lender, they’ll usually supply you with a better price. But how will you choose?

That is where we can be found in. In The Beginning Credit, we pride inside ourselves our composition. Were team of experienced property space professionals. We are made up of architects, surveyors, engineers, and real estate managers. With us, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best and quite a few up-to-date suggestions about the mortgage refinancing requirements, and what direction to go and just what to refrain from giving to get yourself the best selection in the market. 

We work with our clients throughout the refinancing process. This is to make sure the needs you have are accurately considered all the way through. We will be there with you as soon as you commence the consultations around, to the level you set down your signature the documents to shut the refinancing mortgage deal. 

There are several benefits to refinancing with Many of these include: stepping into rates which can be cheaper, being able to release equity, to be able to build extension, being able to repay another debt or while using money as being a deposit for one more property.

Most times, the second you are feeling you’ll want to refinance your mortgage, you happen to be correct. You have to refinance it. If you are still unsure about the ideal solution, get in touch with a professional home mortgage refinancing advisers for accurate answers as well as a smooth refinancing process.

Nov 082015
Remortgaging is pretty new inside the property market. In as much as you desire what is right for yourself, you do know that to attain such ambitions, change is inevitable. If you need a better mortgage deal, then remortgaging a must. Herein, you are going to learn about the fundamentals of remortgaging with Read on.


Remortgaging refers back to the act of transferring your mortgage in one lender to a different, in order to get your better mortgage deal, without necessarily needing to move home.
There are many reasons for you to remortgage. However the major purpose of remortgaging is to save cash, there’s still more for the whole concept. Remortgaging remains to be about finding the right mortgage that will fit you as well as the situation you are currently in. These are the other significant reasons why you need to consider remortgaging:


~ When you wish flexibility. There are times when you have a lump amount of cash immediately and you’re feeling the requirement to make extra payments on the mortgage. Maybe, you want to skip a repayment. Normally, your lender won’t permit you to go of the. No matter what flexibility features you desire in a mortgage, you can find extremely high chances such a package is out there.
~ If you want to gain access to more income. There are times when you need your lender to lend you extra money, generally known as further advance. If your lender disapproves on your request, shifting to a different lender may allow you to cheaply raise funds on extremely low rates.
~ When value of your house went up. If the value of your house goes up, essentially the most probable effect is you will have yourself within a lower loan-to-value band. This makes you qualified to apply for lower rates on your mortgage.


Although remortgaging can save you lots of money, you should know how the benefits are available at a cost. Actually, since mortgage interest levels have type of dropped not too long ago, the fees lenders charge have gone up quite significantly. It is not uncommon to locate you are charged an exit fee so that you can leave your present lender, or perhaps end up paying for early repayment. However shouldn’t put you off remortgaging since your savings will still are available in huge, in addition in case your mortgage debt is still large.



There are several vital aspects you need to consider before you decide to remortgage your property. These include:
~ Whether payable an early on repayment charge, simply how much it can be, as well just how long it applies.
~ If payable a deeds release fee.
~ The amount your debt is the actual lender so you are aware simply how much you may be remortgaging for.
~ Regardless of whether your present lender has a better deal in your case.
~ The amount equity you’ll need in your own home. Mostly, an equity of 60% – 80% will guarantee an improved deal.


The easiest method to get hold of a better mortgage deal is actually remortgaging with In spite of the savings, flexibility and comfort that come with remortgaging, it’s not at all always as simple as it sounds. Therefore, if you fail to do your math alone ensure you consult an experienced property consultant for the options you have.